Covid-19 and Tech Capacity Issues in Current Digital Transformation

How to Implement Software Testing Properly

Solutions for Keeping Business Afloat Amid Coronavirus Crisis

What is Customer Intelligence?

Revamping Customer Loyalty Program in the Online Era

How Digital Transformation took DBS to the Top

The Need to Deliver New and Better Customer Experiences in Financial Service Institutions (FSI)

Successful Bank Digital Transformation Case Example

Customer Loyalty in Today’s Industries

Digital Transformation Key Consideration for Leaders in FSI

How to Prevent Cyberattacks Alongside Digital Transformation for Banks

The Ups & Downs of Digital Transformation for Banking Industry

The Role of Data Analytics in Digital Banking System Transformation

Why Digital Transformation Should Be #1 Priority For Bank CEOs

New Technology Changes in Banking Operational Services

How To Overcome Urgent Situations With Workflow

Systematic Aid To Maintain Law Compliance in Enterprise Ecosystem

Tracking Business Activities with A System

Recipe for Operational Excellence in Enterprise

Tricks to Speed Up Your Product Design Workflow

Process Automation for Quality Improvement in Services Companies

Harnessing The Power of Enterprise IoT

6 Advantages of Automating SOP Monitoring

4 Common Workflow Problems Resolved Using Workflow Engine

3 Government-Owned Enterprise Practices for Better Customer Experience

4 Ways Of Using ERP to Establish Strong Controls of Sales Process

How To Choose & Plan Smart ERP Designed For Performance

5 Employee Engagement Lessons From IBM

4 Effective Strategies for Improving Employee Satisfaction

Technology Application Of an Employee-Centric Workplace

Improving Employee Engagement For Better Financial Performance

Utilization of A.I. for Commerce & Financial Industry

Improving Innovation by visualizing data

Integrate & Automate Ecommerce Business Process to ERP System

3 Sales Automation Ideas to Improve Productivity

Financial Consolidation For Enterprise With Oracle / SAP Database

Fintech As Solution For Financing SMEs

Ruby on Rails on Oracle Middleware : a Platform For End-to-End Solutions

The Advantages of Virtual Branch Banking System

Introduction to Mobile Application Testing

Why Should We Go Cashless?

The Future of the Open Source CRM

Digitalize Your Company Payment System With e-Money

ICION Is Ready For The 5th Annual Tech Conference

Major Advantages of Workflow Automation

The Benefit of E-Learning For Banking Industry

6 Benefits of e-Recruitment for HR Management

Fintech Product Advantages : Credit Card vs E-Money

Reasons Why You Should Invest in Fintech

4 Kinds of Consumer Credits To Be Digitalized

Fintech Service Solutions For Customer’s Convenience

Fintech Boom: Digital Financing as The Future Trend

5 Reasons E-Money Investment is Working in Indonesia

E-Money: The Future of Cashless Life in Indonesia

Financial Service Mobile App To Enhance Customer Relation

Which Emerging eCommerce Strategy Is Best For You?

E-Commerce Boom: Youngsters Making Money

How E-Commerce is Growing in Indonesia

How Hadoop Can Be Useful For Your E-Commerce

E-Commerce Business: Here is Why You Should Do It

Boost Your E-Commerce With Good Performance

The Importance of UI & UX for E-Commerce

5 Things You Need For A Good E-Commerce Business

Pokemon Go: The Mindset Behind Creating Successful App

E-Commerce Business Models: Know Your Thing

Which E-Commerce Business Type is Suitable For You?

Beacons For Smart Retail

Agile development for enterprises

Could Bandung be the key to tech renaissance?

Extending an Enterprise software engineering team

Survey App Indonesia

SaaS adoption in Indonesia

Laravel Software Generator

Smart City in Indonesia – implementation challenges and solution

Software – Buy, Build, or Rent?

The Internet of Things Puts the Cloud to Unexpected Uses

Big Data

Indonesia: the new outsourcing frontier for all business

Indonesia: the new outsourcing frontier for 2014

Software Agile Development Indonesia

Biaya di Cloud vs On-Premise (TCO)

The Advantages Of Using Managed IT Services

Notes from ICION “Data Protection and Cloud Solutions Day”

Advantages of Running a Windows Server Environment on AWS

PhoneGap: Hot or Not?

AngularJS & Ember.js Comparison: Which One’s The Better Choice?

Best New Features of Rails 4

The Skillsets You Need to Elevate Your Business

The Value of AWS Consulting

Why Ruby on Rails is Our Choice


Good examples of branded user-specific app

Tips highlight to strategize your native mobile app

Snatch Business Benefits from Native Mobile App

Should your business develop a native mobile app?

You are a Hazard to Yourself: Safety insights from Geo-tagging based app

Creative Use of Location-based Service App

How To Turn LBS App Into a Marketing Weapon

How Location Based Services Can Benefit Your Business

The Truth Behind All the “Checking Ins”

Location-based Service on Mobile Devices

#WGSshares Session 2 “Scrum”

Social Media Marketing: The Landscape and Opportunities #INTERNETSHOWINDO (Day #2)

Insights, Strategies and Markets: WGS Reports from #INTERNETSHOWINDO (Day #1)

Mobile Development and User Interface at #WGSshares

Pengembangan Aplikasi Mobile & User Interface di #WGSshares

Source code Indonesia

Outsourcing tip: avoid multiple vendor

High quality web application is non-negotiable

Project Manager to Developer ratio of 1:4

Staying Paranoid

Maximizing chance to achieve deadline in delivering software project

Multiple vendors for your software project?

Freelancer subcontracting work

Outsourcing 101: How much time you have to invest

Deciding when to outsource if you are a programmer

The asset of a programmer

Managing turnovers

Consultancy business in the time of crisis

Estimating web development cost

Built to Last

Delegating work

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