You are a Hazard to Yourself: Safety insights from Geo-tagging based app

As the social media rise encourages the increase of sharing between its users, it tends to put aside the elements of safety and security. Of course, who would put a warning sign above their heads while trying to sell a product? But safety and security issues are there lurking, nonetheless.

Creative Use of Location-based Service App

For smartphone users that are not that keen on Location-based Services (LBS) app, this may spare your despise. LBS implementation is beyond “checking in”, “coupons” or “badges”, it is a whole new prospect of explorations and usefulness.

How To Turn LBS App Into a Marketing Weapon

The significant increase in the number of mobile device users is a blessing in disguise for marketers. In the old age, you need to announce and persuade people to come; today, the people come to you and announce their presence at your designated business area.


How Location Based Services Can Benefit Your Business

As a growing platform, location-based services (LBS) now transformed into varieties of applications, and will continue to widen its audience.

The Truth Behind All the “Checking Ins”

Location based services are a big thing now. Not “will be”, but it is already an important part of our daily life.

Location-based Service on Mobile Devices

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