The Importance of UI & UX for E-Commerce

When you are up into an e-commerce business, there are several basic stuffs you need to take care of in order to make it a good one. One of them is the design of your website or app. Not just the look of it, but we have to getting deeper in understanding how user would see and feel comfortable in using the e-commerce service.

5 Things You Need For A Good E-Commerce Business

So you have decided to create an e-commerce business. While you determine your e-commerce business model that suits your business type, you should also consider some critical points to get your e-commerce business done right. There are some steps you need to carefully take in order to build your path to success. Here are some important parts in your checklist:

Pokemon Go: The Mindset Behind Creating Successful App

As we speak now, the world is in the hype of Pokémon Go game. The mobile game that was released few weeks ago in the US, UK, Canada and Australia. In some countries may not officially released, but works anyway in Indonesia. This is the hottest mobile game that has 15 million downloads on Apple’s App Store and Google Play in just a few days.

E-Commerce Business Models: Know Your Thing

When you are thinking to jump into e-commerce business, you will need to determine your market segmentation. There are several ‘playgrounds’ that you can work on, in which you can concentrate on the business models based on these categories.

Which E-Commerce Business Type is Suitable For You?

E-commerce has been a great business for almost two decades now. Advanced technology has allowed us to accelerate online business with market needs.  Furthermore, sustainable improvements are carried out every second to compete with the trends.

Beacons For Smart Retail

We are now living in a convenient world. We can get, control, and use nearly everything to simplify our lives. The development of sustainable technologies every day allows us to constantly innovate with things that once was just an imagination of the modern world. Every second we are racing with newer technologies to provide more interesting methods to get us better lives.

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