4 Kinds of Consumer Credits To Be Digitalized

Financial business is currently growing rapidly, especially in the digital world. It provides many opportunities for financial institution to seize market opportunities by providing online credit facility for the community. There are various types of loan in which the community needs; and to get that loan, usually one must come to the bank or finance company through a quite complicated procedure.

Fintech Service Solutions For Customer’s Convenience

One of the main sectors in the country’s economy support is by providing credit services to the people. Financial institutions, both banks and non-bank (multi-finance companies, finance leasing companies, etc.) can not survive only with conventional methods to attract consumers, but they must also keep up with the technology. One way to do this is by offering digital financial service solution to the community.

Fintech Boom: Digital Financing as The Future Trend

If we look at the development of the financial industry in Indonesia, the index of consumer income and earnings increased every month. This shows the success of the economic improvement of the country, which also resulted in a better turnover. The fintech especially in digital financing is now increasingly widespread, as the economic growth of the people in productive age, or more commonly known as millennials.

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