Digitalize Your Company Payment System With e-Money

When we heard these terms “electronic payment” / “digital money”, there are actually one right term or the right way of how we call it. It’s called e-Money. e-Money is money in digital form that used to perform Digital Payment. The nature of e-Money is a stored value. The meaning of this value is stored owner of the e-Money should deposit a certain amount of money to the vendor of e-Money. Then, the new e-money can be used for digital transactions.

ICION Is Ready For The 5th Annual Tech Conference

Indonesia CIO Network (ICION) is going to host the annual conference in Bali on March 1-3, 2017. This community based group is now entering the fifth year, and with the main support from Kominfo, they are ready to hold the three days conference and workshop with notable speakers. This year’s big theme is : Embracing the new digital world, using transformative and secure technologies.

Major Advantages of Workflow Automation


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