Fintech As Solution For Financing SMEs

The economy growth in developing countries such as Indonesia and India increased in the last decade. Along with that, the development of fintech also increased. Alternative financing is needed to stimulate the economy. In particular, for the micro small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Since there are still many SMEs are having difficulties to gain access to bank, therefore financing models such as financial technology (fintech) is required to reach them.

Ruby on Rails on Oracle Middleware : a Platform For End-to-End Solutions


The Advantages of Virtual Branch Banking System

With the technology supporting real-time transaction, any financial transactions conducted by customers can be instantly switched on and connected to the central office, saving recordkeeping time and employee performance.

Introduction to Mobile Application Testing

Testing is a process is to identify any discrepancies from an application or software and of course to test the quality of a product that has been produced. Whether or not in accordance with applicable regulations.

Why Should We Go Cashless?

When advanced countries like the United States, Britain, Japan and South Korea have long used cashless transactions in their daily activities, some developing countries such as Indonesia and Thailand are still promoting this program.

The Future of the Open Source CRM

Update May 2020: With the current situation on COVID-19 Pandemic, Online ERP is a viable solution to help businesses to run management of main business processes online. Administration can be managed even if your staffs are WFH, click here for WGSHub’s curated selection of ERPs.​

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