Fintech As Solution For Financing SMEs

The economy growth in developing countries such as Indonesia and India increased in the last decade. Along with that, the development of fintech also increased. Alternative financing is needed to stimulate the economy. In particular, for the micro small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Since there are still many SMEs are having difficulties to gain access to bank, therefore financing models such as financial technology (fintech) is required to reach them.

6 Benefits of e-Recruitment for HR Management

In managing human resources, each company must have a sufficiently detailed selection procedure with different preferences. But in the practice, the Human Resource team performed this task with a lot of effort and time allocation.

4 Kinds of Consumer Credits To Be Digitalized

Financial business is currently growing rapidly, especially in the digital world. It provides many opportunities for financial institution to seize market opportunities by providing online credit facility for the community. There are various types of loan in which the community needs; and to get that loan, usually one must come to the bank or finance company through a quite complicated procedure.

Fintech Service Solutions For Customer’s Convenience

One of the main sectors in the country’s economy support is by providing credit services to the people. Financial institutions, both banks and non-bank (multi-finance companies, finance leasing companies, etc.) can not survive only with conventional methods to attract consumers, but they must also keep up with the technology. One way to do this is by offering digital financial service solution to the community.

Fintech Boom: Digital Financing as The Future Trend

If we look at the development of the financial industry in Indonesia, the index of consumer income and earnings increased every month. This shows the success of the economic improvement of the country, which also resulted in a better turnover. The fintech especially in digital financing is now increasingly widespread, as the economic growth of the people in productive age, or more commonly known as millennials.

Financial Service Mobile App To Enhance Customer Relation

Having a business is involving many aspects, and one of the most important parts is finance. When we are looking for a specific financial service, we expect it to be trustworthy, applicable in our sectors, and also easy to access. With the rapid development of mobile technology nowadays, getting the right financial service is accessible in our hand – by using the mobile phone.

Which Emerging eCommerce Strategy Is Best For You?

When it comes to retail business, every e-commerce will try to make the best selling. The competition among e-commmerce in this dynamic era is getting intensed. Each business will figure out their marketing strategy. While to grow the businnes bigger becomes everyone’s dream, but to maintain the business to keep alive is challenging.

How E-Commerce is Growing in Indonesia

Update, 19 May 2020: With current COVID-19 situation, e-commerce has become one of the main ways for people to make a purchase, at WGSHub we have various kinds of ecommerce that could be applied for businesses. Here are some links to read more on various Online Commerces:

E-Commerce Business: Here is Why You Should Do It

The growth in retail business is getting happier in the last two decades. From the eMarketer projection, by 2018, worldwide retail sales will increase 5.5% to reach $28.300 trillion. Both offline and online retailers can see that the advanced technology has allowed us to gain more profit from both world, and connect them with through the internet. But how far will you go to extend your business? Should you open an offline branch of your retail business? That will do good if you have the budget and resources. But one thing that you should really do is to jump into the online deals.

Boost Your E-Commerce With Good Performance

Shopping through e-commerce has its own perks for people who lives with technology. One advantage is in this fast-paced digital era, e-commerce sites offer the convenience and practicality, so customers do not have to waste time and effort to get the goods as they wish (and need). With the gadget in hand, anyone can freely choose the items he wants, pay at the application, and get the product delivered right to his door in a short time.

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