What is Customer Intelligence?

Customers these days prefer to share data concerning themselves in each interaction with a business. They like to share their interests, preferences, needs, wants, and even their details. This can be a standard state of affairs in the digital world. The trend is useful for an organization because they can collect and analyze customer knowledge easier and notice the best way to get a long relationship with customers.

Revamping Customer Loyalty Program in the Online Era

One thing that will always be important for improving customer loyalty is the loyalty program, a way for companies to maintain their business with regular customers and continue to build trust. A good loyalty program could build dedication of customers towards buying products or services from your business. As customer is one of the main drivers of your business growth, it’s quite important to concentrate efforts on building your customer loyalty.

The Role of Data Analytics in Digital Banking System Transformation


Improving Innovation by visualizing data

What is the thing that is highly sought after by companies? Yes, a company would want to look for high profits but it’s not only that. To stay ahead of the competitions, companies are always looking for better ways to do stuffs; like connecting with customers, better distribution channel, and many more. However, studying through various data to find your solution could be intimidating at times, which is why data visualization is one of the modern solution of data management.

How Hadoop Can Be Useful For Your E-Commerce

So you have build your e-commerce business. Now the homework is to boost your business to reach the target audience. You may have various products for different kind of consumers. But how will you deliver it to them? That will need an extra effort. Here is the importance of big data in the business.

Survey App Indonesia

Yesterday, 25th of November 2014, ten civil society organizations that consist of  Indonesia Corruption Watch (ICW), Indonesia Parliamentary Center (IPC), Jaringan Pendidikan Pemilih untuk Rakyat (JPPR), Migrant Care, Perkumpulan untuk Pemilu dan Demokrasi (Perludem), Perhimpunan Pengembangan Media Nusantara (PPMN), Puskapol UI, Public Virtue Institut, Solidaritas Perempuan dan Yappika, which are supported by The Asia Foundation (TAF), have formed a joint committee to organize a national conference with the theme “Masyarakat Sipil dan Penguatan Demokrasi Pascapemilu 2014” (Civil Society and Post-2014-election Democracy Reinforcement). One focus of discussion in this activity is the issue of general election law enforcement. The program is being held in the JS Luwansa Hotel, Central Jakarta.

Big Data

big data next big thing

Big data has become such a newsworthy topic in the business world that it is causing companies to completely reconsider how they do market analysis. With sets of data that are so large even the best software in the world cannot analyze them properly, small and medium size businesses need methods of analysis that are in their price range.

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