Fintech As Solution For Financing SMEs

The economy growth in developing countries such as Indonesia and India increased in the last decade. Along with that, the development of fintech also increased. Alternative financing is needed to stimulate the economy. In particular, for the micro small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Since there are still many SMEs are having difficulties to gain access to bank, therefore financing models such as financial technology (fintech) is required to reach them.

The Advantages of Virtual Branch Banking System

With the technology supporting real-time transaction, any financial transactions conducted by customers can be instantly switched on and connected to the central office, saving recordkeeping time and employee performance.

Why Should We Go Cashless?

When advanced countries like the United States, Britain, Japan and South Korea have long used cashless transactions in their daily activities, some developing countries such as Indonesia and Thailand are still promoting this program.

The Future of the Open Source CRM

Update May 2020: With the current situation on COVID-19 Pandemic, Online ERP is a viable solution to help businesses to run management of main business processes online. Administration can be managed even if your staffs are WFH, click here for WGSHub’s curated selection of ERPs.​

Digitalize Your Company Payment System With e-Money

When we heard these terms “electronic payment” / “digital money”, there are actually one right term or the right way of how we call it. It’s called e-Money. e-Money is money in digital form that used to perform Digital Payment. The nature of e-Money is a stored value. The meaning of this value is stored owner of the e-Money should deposit a certain amount of money to the vendor of e-Money. Then, the new e-money can be used for digital transactions.

Fintech Product Advantages : Credit Card vs E-Money

Today’s society has many payment options in conducting financial transactions. With the development of digital money, the popularity of credit cards is now almost in parallel with e-money. This could be a consideration for financial institutions to develop their products, which one is more advantageous – credit card or e-money. Let’s look at both comparisons.

Reasons Why You Should Invest in Fintech

Financial technology – commonly known as Fintech – is actually not a new thing. Since the development in digital technology grew rapidly, finance industry is already starting to get a lot of attention and noting a significant progress. People’s habits in using the Internet, gadgets, and living practically has forced each line of business to consider the development of their technology.

5 Reasons E-Money Investment is Working in Indonesia

This article has been updated to correctly reflect the development of E-Money in Indonesia, 2019

E-Money: The Future of Cashless Life in Indonesia

Indonesian cartoonist Mice describes how Indonesians grasp the utilization of e-money on every level. – Picture credits to

The use of electronic money in the world expanded rapidly in the last decade. Not only for reasons of practicality, but also considering the security issues related to the social conditions in the society. Electronic money or e-money is now encouraged to be more useful in people’s lives.

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