Systematic Aid To Maintain Law Compliance in Enterprise Ecosystem

It is of no doubt that all companies have policies that are planned to follow the legitimate laws and regulations. Deploying the workflow engine for productivity completion is one of the things a company can do in simplifying the business. Workflow is one of the best ways to secure company law compliance since technology is getting better than before. Improvement and innovation of regulation by using certain tool would end the repetition of copying and duplicating data.

Recipe for Operational Excellence in Enterprise


6 Advantages of Automating SOP Monitoring

Running an organization without standardized procedures is a key barrier to growth. Using a workflow automation application helps organizations to minimize variations, reduce wastage, increase consistency and ultimately improve the quality of their results.

4 Ways Of Using ERP to Establish Strong Controls of Sales Process

Update May 2020: With the current situation on COVID-19 Pandemic, Online ERP is a viable solution to help businesses to run management of main business processes online. Administration can be managed even if your staffs are WFH, click here for WGSHub’s curated selection of ERPs.​

5 Employee Engagement Lessons From IBM

Some top brands are respected for the way they maintain an engaged workforce having employees who are passionate about their jobs and proud about working there. In this article, we share some of the employee engagement initiatives which make top brands attractive. In particular, we analyze how IBM has managed to secure and retain an engaged workforce, with most employees being willing to complete their careers there.

4 Effective Strategies for Improving Employee Satisfaction

Doubling the employee job satisfaction need not be an expensive exercise. It calls for a creative, collaborative approach in developing a culture that motivates, inspires, and nurtures an environment that brings out the best in individuals and teams.

Technology Application Of an Employee-Centric Workplace


Improving Employee Engagement For Better Financial Performance

According to a Gallup’s report, only about 35% of the American workers are actively engaged in their jobs while 16% are actively disengaged. This means that only about a third of all employees love their jobs and they are involved in, enthusiastic about and committed to their work and workplace while 16% are miserable in the workplace.

#WGSshares Session 2 “Scrum”

Mobile Development and User Interface at #WGSshares

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