Covid-19 and Tech Capacity Issues in Current Digital Transformation

Software eats the world, and Covid-19 accelerates that. Businesses now realize even more that digital transformation is key to survival and growth. In order to move the journey of traditional interaction with existing customers onto the mobile app and web platform, a business is required to think and act like a tech company.

How to Implement Software Testing Properly

It is undoubtedly that the world becomes more dependent on the technology that software automatically becomes important for development. As the world becomes more dependent on technology, the software automatically becomes an important organ for the development.

Financial Consolidation For Enterprise With Oracle / SAP Database

Financial consolidation is the process of combining financial data from several entities within an organization, for their reporting purposes. Business owner typically needs a diverse set of skills to succeed, including deep market knowledge, effective management of business operations and hard work. With that in mind financial consolidation report is one of the way to increase group of company’s sales and profits.

Why Should We Go Cashless?

When advanced countries like the United States, Britain, Japan and South Korea have long used cashless transactions in their daily activities, some developing countries such as Indonesia and Thailand are still promoting this program.

The Future of the Open Source CRM

Update May 2020: With the current situation on COVID-19 Pandemic, Online ERP is a viable solution to help businesses to run management of main business processes online. Administration can be managed even if your staffs are WFH, click here for WGSHub’s curated selection of ERPs.​

ICION Is Ready For The 5th Annual Tech Conference

Indonesia CIO Network (ICION) is going to host the annual conference in Bali on March 1-3, 2017. This community based group is now entering the fifth year, and with the main support from Kominfo, they are ready to hold the three days conference and workshop with notable speakers. This year’s big theme is : Embracing the new digital world, using transformative and secure technologies.

6 Benefits of e-Recruitment for HR Management

In managing human resources, each company must have a sufficiently detailed selection procedure with different preferences. But in the practice, the Human Resource team performed this task with a lot of effort and time allocation.

Fintech Product Advantages : Credit Card vs E-Money

Today’s society has many payment options in conducting financial transactions. With the development of digital money, the popularity of credit cards is now almost in parallel with e-money. This could be a consideration for financial institutions to develop their products, which one is more advantageous – credit card or e-money. Let’s look at both comparisons.

4 Kinds of Consumer Credits To Be Digitalized

Financial business is currently growing rapidly, especially in the digital world. It provides many opportunities for financial institution to seize market opportunities by providing online credit facility for the community. There are various types of loan in which the community needs; and to get that loan, usually one must come to the bank or finance company through a quite complicated procedure.

Fintech Service Solutions For Customer’s Convenience

One of the main sectors in the country’s economy support is by providing credit services to the people. Financial institutions, both banks and non-bank (multi-finance companies, finance leasing companies, etc.) can not survive only with conventional methods to attract consumers, but they must also keep up with the technology. One way to do this is by offering digital financial service solution to the community.

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