E-Commerce Boom: Youngsters Making Money

The presence of e-commerce sites in Indonesia not only proved that the development of the retail business in the country increased rapidly in the last decade. But it also encourages the young people to work and earn a better income. This is reflected in the many e-commerce initiated by young people. They have creative thinking, persistent effort, and is not afraid to innovate and has great vision.

Could Bandung be the key to tech renaissance?

Even when the general economy is slowing down, the startup ecosystem is still hot.

Social Media Marketing: The Landscape and Opportunities #INTERNETSHOWINDO (Day #2)

The recap from the second day of the biggest online exhibition/seminar in Indonesia. The #InternetShowIndo took place in 5 – 6 December 2012, Grand Hyatt Hotel, Jakarta, Indonesia.

Insights, Strategies and Markets: WGS Reports from #INTERNETSHOWINDO (Day #1)


Managing turnovers

A friend of mine owns a large textile manufacturing company in Indonesia; more than two years ago he decides to develop an ERP system with a big IT company in Jakarta (let’s call it the Supplier from now on). The cost was US$90k, and was to finish in a year.

Built to Last

Everytime I read books / magazines, I am inspired and motivated. I think that’s what books for anyway. I should’ve written a blog for each book I read, but that wouldnt be appropriate to write in this Ruby on Rails outsourcing blog. I have a personal blog but most posts are written in Indonesian.

Delegating work

I’m too busy. My biggest client has taken too much time out of me, and thus I have less and less time and energy to expand this RoR outsourcing business.

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