Solutions for Keeping Business Afloat Amid Coronavirus Crisis

Undoubtedly, the spread of Covid-19 virus is a story of human tragedy that nobody would ever expect it in the last few months. The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared Covid-19 a pandemic on 11 March 2020 with more than hundreds of thousands of cases and resulting in more than thousands of deaths worldwide.

How To Overcome Urgent Situations With Workflow


Systematic Aid To Maintain Law Compliance in Enterprise Ecosystem

It is of no doubt that all companies have policies that are planned to follow the legitimate laws and regulations. Deploying the workflow engine for productivity completion is one of the things a company can do in simplifying the business. Workflow is one of the best ways to secure company law compliance since technology is getting better than before. Improvement and innovation of regulation by using certain tool would end the repetition of copying and duplicating data.

Tracking Business Activities with A System

Running a business does not always call for personal contact with your business every day. The exceptional growth and increasing technological development make it possible to safely assign duties to work with a monitorable KPI track using technology. Scientific inventions for the past centuries influenced continuous technological advancement that allows one to monitor and track daily operations in business using a single system or technology.

Recipe for Operational Excellence in Enterprise


Tricks to Speed Up Your Product Design Workflow

Creating a bridge between various teams that work together is an important factor when it comes to speeding up your product design workflow. Quite an effort is needed to synchronize between various teams in a same project.

Process Automation for Quality Improvement in Services Companies


6 Advantages of Automating SOP Monitoring

Running an organization without standardized procedures is a key barrier to growth. Using a workflow automation application helps organizations to minimize variations, reduce wastage, increase consistency and ultimately improve the quality of their results.

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